Reasons For The Existence Of A Sport Like Biathlon

Strolling and occasionally stopping by for shooting squirrels was once commonplace.

In 1938 there was an alpine squirrel epidemic.

The ski & gun making lobbyists (Big Ski) had a big influence over Winter Olympics.

Shooting a slingshot is just plain silly.

Stuff I've Been Asked to Draw Lately

A Chicken.

A Man Who Is Riding A Chicken.

Carnivorous Flowers Singing.

Genitals from Bugs-Eye View.

Things I've Said In January 20th 2007

Good Morning, who crapped on my mouth?

I'll tell you when you get older.

Ask me first if I want sugar.

Ducks don't have teeth!!!

No, really it's OK.


I'd buy all the yogurt you could ever want.

Hey, I'm scared of the dark too.